A new addition to the home brewing scene, the AeroPress is a fast, convenient way to brew espresso strength coffee in the comfort of your own home. The AeroPress was invented in 2005 and has become popular thanks to its simplicity as well as its effectiveness at creating a consistently strong, grit-free cup of coffee.

Step One: Grind Your Beans

We recommend grinding your beans fresh with every pot you brew. This will ensure the freshest possible flavor. For brewing with an AeroPress, you should measure out just under 3 Tablespoons of whole bean coffee (about 15 grams). Grind the coffee until it’s slightly finer than drip coffee grind. You don’t want a powdery espresso texture; instead, shoot for the consistency of table salt.

Step Two: Prepare Your Parts

The AeroPress consists of a few different parts, and it’s important that they all be dry to ensure a proper seal. Many baristas have begun using and recommending an “inverted” method of brewing that involves setting the AeroPress down on a surface upside down. Once you do this, then you should rinse your paper filter in hot water, and place the funnel on top of the cylinder so you can fill the chamber with coffee.

Step Three: Fill, Brew, Flip

Add your coffee to the inverted AeroPress, then add just enough hot water to saturate the coffee. For best results, use water that has sat for about 30 seconds after boiling (approximately 200 degrees Farenheit). Gently stir the coffee and water for a few seconds, then add water up to the 2 line on the cylinder. Finally, place the rinsed filter and the cap on top of the cylinder and tighten. Let the coffee brew for one minute, then flip the inverted cylinder over so that the filter rests on top of your coffee mug. Press the plunger down to push your freshly brewed coffee into your mug. This final action will be familiar to French Press fans, but with the added benefit of a paper filter to keep any grounds from getting into your cup.

Step Four: Dilute, or Don’t!

Depending on how strong you like to drink your coffee, you may choose to simply sip as is, or dilute with hot water using a 1:1 ratio. Share with friends, and enjoy!