Try these Coffee Pairings; Coffee and Potato Chips, Martini & Yogurt


Who doesn’t like potato chips? The salty crunch, the greasy fingers…Mmm! I especially like spicy chips like Billy Goat Kickers and Red Hot Riplets (both are St. Louis based chip companies)! What’s better? Spicy chips and hot coffee! The heat from the chip opens the sinus while the coffee has a cooling effect on the tongue. Crunch, slurp, crunch, slurp, ahh, burp.


For breakfast I was sipping a mug of Redeye while crunching on some Kickers. It was, well, delicious!


What’s next, bacon coffee?

Ah, If I can only infuse bacon flavor to my mug of coffee, keep the hickory smoked bacon yumminess and loose the cholesterol I’d have it made. OK, sounds gross, but speaking of drinking your breakfast how about a coffee-tini? (not really for breakfast)


Coffee Martini

coffee martini

Imagine how cool James Bond would be with a coffee-tini!



2 oz. Redeye Roast espresso

1 oz. Pearl Carmel vodka or plain

1 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 oz. Kaluha

1 oz. Organic half & half



Fill shaker with ice. Add vodka, Bailey’s, Kaluha, and half & half and shake lightly. Add espresso (freshly made) and shake lightly. Pour into chilled martini glass and garnish with coffee beans. Makes 2 servings… better double up!



It all starts with happy cows


Kurt Bizenberger, chief cow guy at Windcrest Dairy in Trenton, Illinois has mastered the art of keeping his cows happy and making great yogurt. I suspect it has to do with reading stories to young calves or music being played during milking sessions.

vanilla latte cups


While at a farmers market Stringbean Pete and Windcrest Kurt started mixing coffee and yogurt, it was a goopy mess that after six months has become Vanilla Latte. It’s smooth, rich Greek styled yogurt that is sweet from the vanilla with a bit of Greek tanginess and Stringbean Coffee.



Espresso for the cows

double shot for cows

Several methods of adding coffee to the yogurt were tried… A double shot of espresso in the mornings, it seemed to work but the cows started prancing about, making milking a difficult task.  We settled on adding a coffee concentrate prior to pasteurization.


Try some!

You can find Vanilla Latte at Freddie’s Market, Local Harvest Grocery, select Schnuck’s and Straub’s and the Washington University School of Medicine Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 10 – 2. Pick up some today, share with friends and enjoy! For an added treat put the Vanilla Latte in the freezer for an hour.


Want to see the farm and meet the cows that make your yogurt? Windcrest Dairy


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