Here at Stringbean, we love coffee for so very many reasons: the delicious aroma, the rich taste, and the way it brings people together for conversation and community. Creating a home coffee salon can be a great way to save money and strengthen your social connections, so ditch the solo laptop coffee shop scene for an afternoon, and enjoy a satisfying cup in the company of friends.

coffee friends

 Making the Connection

A recent article in The New York Times posited that our coffee drinking rituals can tell
us much about our social connections, our finances, and even our values. According to
the article, one reason that people continue to frequent their daily coffee shop, despite
the obvious dent these daily drinks make in their wallet, is that regular exchanges with
a barista can combat the loneliness that’s become all too common for city dwellers.
Seeing the same friendly face behind the counter is definitely a positive coffee ritual,
but it can also be great to take a break from the quick hustle and bustle of a counter
transaction, and curate something a little more locally grown in your own living room.

Having friends or family over for coffee on a weekday morning can be a great way to
catch up and start your day. Brew up a carafe, offer a range of milks and sweeteners,
and enjoy the company and conversation while you all share in a little caffeine boost.
Coffee after a homemade dinner is also a great way to re-energize after a big meal, and the shared ritual of taking a cup of coffee for the road can make for an elegant close to a social evening.

Coffee Ritual Inspiration

If you’re more of a grab-and-go coffee drinker, you’d do well to look at cultures with well established coffee rituals. Ethiopian coffee rituals have long been used as a way to honor important guests, and you can get inspired by these traditional coffee ceremonies at many American Ethiopian restaurants.

Whether you decide to go for a formal ceremony or simply serve a nice pot to your neighbors, the key seems to be setting aside time to celebrate your community with something delicious and invigorating. So, what will your Stringbean Salon look like? A quiet moment with your partner over the paper, or a weekly coffee gathering for your most devoted Beanheads? Share your salon story, and be sure to stock up on plenty of Stringbean Coffee to keep the good times flowing!