Stringbean Pete’s ramblin’ cousin Django Furtherbean is back at the Java Jive to liven things up with some hot tunes to groove to while sippin on a freshly roasted brew. Got a fave coffee song that Django missed? Post the link to our Facebook page and we’ll make sure Django gives it a listen!

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Summer means birds and boogying, beach sand between your toes, hot coffee out on the stoop in the sunshine, and singing a song to let your lungs know your still alive after the long ghost of winter has finally slunk into hiding once more. Serenade the whole dang world as you sip your next cup! Life’s too short not to sing songs and drink the best joe you can find, so why not sing a satchel of songs about that delicious elixir itself? And now, ladies and germs, Django’s top coffee tunes (drumroll, please!):

Frank Sinatra – “The Coffee Song

Old blue eyes will wake ya up with this upbeat finger snapper. They got a zillion pounds of coffee in Brazil, huh Frank? Seems like enough to “give you a kick,” don’t it?

k.d. lang – “Black Coffee

Ooowee! This Canadian crooner really puts the fire beneath the kettle on this ol’ tune. Forget the cream and sugar, just brew me up a pot of the strong stuff!

Mississippi John Hurt – “Coffee Blues

Forget about whiskey, forget about tea, he’s gotta have his “lovin’ spoonful.” Hard to tell if the old bluesman is talking about his best gal or his best cup of coffee in this tune, but the stripped down guitar and vocals are so smooth, it goes down easy either way.

Annette Hanshaw – “You’re the Cream in My Coffee

What a pretty little voice Miz Hanshaw’s got…this 1920s gal sings a perfect love song that makes me wanna take my next cup light and sweet!

No matter how long life’s to-do list stretches, Jivin’ Django advises taking time to dance AND smell the coffee.