Construction of Wet Mill Plant 2019-13 Cafe Femenino
Amazonas – Community: San Antonio El Ron, Peru
Funded by: Stringbean Coffee Co

The ultimate goal is to standardize and improve the quality of the coffee for the ten coffee producers (four are women producers). They have good quality coffee, but unfortunately the quality deteriorates post-harvest due to poor infrastructure at the wet mill. These producers are making significant investments to improve their coffee farms to improve the quality of the coffee, but now they also need to improve their wet mill plant resources and they don’t have the financial resources needed.

This project would centralize the process of de-pulping, fermentation, washing and drying of the coffee by implementing a small wet mill plant consisting of a coated receiving tank, two coated tanks for fermentation, running channels, a drying patio, an electric de-pulper and a solar dryer. These resources will improve the quality of the coffee drying improve the quality of the coffee in the cup, ensure product safety, improve the income of the coffee producer and allow them to start harvesting the coffee cherry shell.

UPDATE: 03-18-2021

The target date for completion of the construction of the wet mill beneficio was scheduled for March 15, 2021. However, due to a few cases of Covid-19 in the community has slowed down the process. The good news is that those with Covid-19 are recovering and soon they will all be ready to work together to complete this project. Here are a few photos showing the progress that has been made:










UPDATE: May 12, 2021

Project is progressing slowly, several community members had Covid-19 and the community was in quarantine. The plan is to complete the project in May, 2021.


UPDATE: November 1, 2021