This coffee is bananas good… the smell is heaven and the taste is velvet.
Nicki Mason

St. Louis MO

Peter Cohen’s Stringbean Coffee Company is a fresh alternative to the mass marketed coffee sold on almost every street corner. Roasted in small batches, individual attention is given to the entire process, ensuring a quality product you are sure to enjoy.
Marc Levinson

Creve Coeur MO

Dude, the Red Eye is incredible!
Ralph Pfremmer

Ballwin MO

Your coffee is the only coffee I could drink without sugar or cream! Awesome stuff!
Ashley Watkins

Joe Petruccio

Artist, New Jersey

A coworker gave me some of your coffee today – AMAZING is all I have to say. The smell is awesome and the flavor knocked my socks off. LOVE!
Nikki Coker-Blitzkrieg

Best coffee in the world… Thanks for sharing this yummy cup o Joe.
Maureen Anania

“Best coffee in America. Handcrafted in STL….Stringbean!”
Guy Phillips

Stringbean Fans