Welcome to a special interactive edition of the Java Jive! Today, we’ll talk about a few grinding and brewing tools out there, but we’d really love to hear your take on how you make each cup of Stringbean Coffee! Visit our Facebook page and comment to let us know how YOU brew!

Groovy Grinders

We all know Stringbean Pete loves roasting his beans to perfection, so you know there’s no need to add any additional heat to your beloved beans when you grind them up for your daily cup. That’s why Pete recommends the Bodum Bistro grinder, which features a motor at the bottom of the gadget so it’s less likely to transfer heat as it grinds. Looking for something a little more budget-friendly? We also recommend Mr. Coffee’s reasonably priced Automatic Burr Grinder. Like the Bodum Bistro, this electric grinder is designed to grind beans uniformly with “burr” plates as opposed to slicing them into small pieces with blades. The result is a more consistent grind and a smoother cup.


Brew a Little…Or a Lot!

If you’re a single shot sorta gal or guy, you may already be a fan of Bialetti’s Moka Express. With a simple, old-school design that dates back to the early 1930s, this stovetop pot comes in a range of sizes to brew up single espressos or a whole batch. Perfect for espresso grind coffee, some aficionados balk at the “espresso” label since the Moka Express won’t actually provide the true espresso crema, but you will get a fast, cheap, and potent brew that’ll do your beans justice.

Another great, no-frills approach to a near perfect cup comes from the Clever Coffee Dripper. Often favorably compared to the classic French Press, fans of the Dripper like that the process creates a full-bodied cup without any of the bitterness or sediment. Many coffee shops now offer a “pour over,” so you can try this brewing method out before committing to your own Dripper.

Still a fan of the French Press? Just be sure to get your coffee-to-water ratio right, and always serve as soon as you’re done brewing to avoid bitterness. The fine folks at Blue Bottle Coffee recommend a 1:10 ratio and a quick 4 minute brew time.

So, how do YOU brew? Let’s discuss and see if there really is one brew method to rule them all!


Caitlin C.