At Stringbean Coffee Company, we’re all about locally roasting coffee in small batches from Fair Trade Certified™ coffee beans. Why Fair Trade Certified™ coffee? Because we put a lot of heart and soul into every batch we roast, from the good tunes we groove to while we roast, to the shiny disco ball that spins above our heads while we do it. Choosing to regularly sell Fair Trade Certified™ coffee beans means we keep those good vibes going, all the way back to the source.

We choose Fair Trade whenever we can, but keep in mind that not every bag we roast comes from certified beans. Take a good look at our current inventory of freshly roasted coffees to choose from a variety of traditional and Fair Trade Certified™ coffees.

What’s the Difference?

fair trade

Seeing a Fair Trade label at your local java spot is becoming a more frequent occurrence, and that’s a good thing! More Fair

Trade Certified™ coffee on the market means a better standard of living for coffee growers all across the world. Fair Trade coffee has come a long way since the very first mention of certification way back in the late 1980s, and we’re proud to be a part of the movement that brings ethically sourced coffee beans to the St. Louis urban coffee scene.

The coolest thing about sourcing Fair Trade Certified™ coffee? According to the fine folks at Fair Trade USA, each participating country designated funds from their coffee profits to programs they’ve decided will best benefit their local community. That means that you can have a small, direct impact on the most pressing issue of a community in need with every pound you purchase, every cup you consume, every bean you get a buzz off…well, you get the idea!

Choosing to brew Fair Trade Certified™ coffee feels good, and drinking it feels even better. Buy a bag or two from one of our local partners today, or check out our full inventory of freshly roasted premium coffees available by the bag, or in weekly or monthly coffee subscriptions. Make Fair Trade coffee from your friends at Stringbean Coffee a habit you won’t want to kick!