Music moves us.

It motivates marathoners and Mars Rover pilots.  It makes misery manageable.  It transforms melancholy into glee.  It enhances nearly every moment of our increasingly play-listed lives.

But, coffee comes close second for elevating (perhaps even justifying) human existence.  Just think how far behind we’d all be if we hadn’t invented coffee.

Stringbean Coffee Company is mashing these two monumental elements together to create a superlative new blend.  Just like milk & cookies, chocolate & peanut butter, beer & football, Hall & Oates—Stringbean Coffee is adding rock-and-roll to their roasting recipe.


Music Infused Coffee

Imagine a rich, aromatic mug of “mm-mm” percolating with the uplifting energy of your favorite, feel-good tunes.  Stringbean’s gourmet java jams!

Owner/Roaster, Stringbean Pete has devised a unique saturation process that infuses a musical vibe into every one of his fresh roasts.  He developed this innovative technique in response to the widespread attention his roasting choices were receiving—that is, the music he chose to play while roasting.

“I tweeted one time I was listening to Marley, and people went crazy,” Pete recalled.  “Everywhere I went people started asking me what I was playing when I roasted this, or that batch.”

Stringbean quickly determined the energy and excitement caused by his java jam sessions was elevating the quality of his roasts.  “It adds a little mo’jo,” as Pete explains.

But, how does this infusion actually occur?  According to Pete, “It’s about environmental conditioning.”  Stringbean’s entire roasting process is enriched by the stimulating strut and swagger of syncopated grooves.

Music has been an essential part of the business plan at Stringbean Coffee since the very beginning.  Starting with their distinctive, guitar-head /coffee bean, tuning-keys logo, Stringbean has sought to define a rocking brand.


Music Infused Coffee Sings… Roast, Baby, Roast.

Images of iconic performers oversee every artisan roast from the walls of the Stringbean roastery.  The legendary, Soul Train disco-ball hangs over Stringbean’s twin, American-made, small-batch roasters.  And, all of Stringbean’s uniquely flavorful roasts are treated with a steady, solid-gold flow of funk, blues, classic rock, reggae and disco.

“If I’m not dancing, I’m not roasting,” says Stringbean Pete.

One satisfying sip of Stringbean’s rocking roasts will have you saying there’s something to the electrified, atmospheric conditioning he employs.  Why work when you can shimmy and shake?

James Brown said it best when he shouted, “I FEEL GOOD!”  Nothing is more inspiring than a floor-stomping rhythm coupled with a sing-along chorus of stark, truth-defining soul.

It’s time to jettison the “average cup o’ Joe” for a more harmonious mug of—MO’JO.  Stringbean Coffee makes roasts that sing!