The pour over method of brewing coffee is relatively simple and accessible, requiring patience and focus, but no complicated equipment or tricky techniques. Start with high-quality, freshly ground Stringbean Coffee beans, and you’ll end up with a delicious cup of java similar in strength to a bold brew in a regular electric drip coffee maker.

Step One: Grind Your Beans

Start with about 3 Tablespoons of whole bean coffee, roughly 20 grams. Grind the beans to the consistency of coarse sea salt. This should yield enough for a single serving of coffee.

Step Two: Prepare the Cone

Heat water to boiling and set up your drip cone with a fresh paper filter atop a regular 10-12 oz coffee mug. Once the water is boiling, pour it into the empty filter to clean and warm the filter and warm the receiving coffee mug. After the filter is saturated with hot water, dispose of the water in the coffee cup below.


Step Three: The Bloom

Now add the freshly ground coffee to the heated, saturated filter. As with the Chemex, you’ll want to gently tamp down the coffee so that there is an even, flat distribution. You don’t need to pack it tightly, but you do want to have a relatively smooth surface on which to pour the rest of your hot water. Slowly pour enough hot water into the coffee so that it is fully saturated. As you pour, move your hand slowly and continuously to allow all parts of the coffee to be saturated. Let the saturated coffee sit for about 30 seconds in order for the grounds to “bloom.” This will ensure an even, consistent brew, which makes for a satisfying, delicious cup of coffee.

Step Four: The Patient Pour

Continue to pour hot water slowly into the filter. Work to pour directly over the darker spots and avoid the lighter spots to make for a consistent, even brew. This should take about 2-3 minutes total. At the end of the slow pour, you should have a full cup of coffee beneath the drip cone. Once the cup is full, remove the drip cone and dispose of the coffee grounds and filter, and enjoy your smooth, tasty cup of manual drip coffee!