Why Shouldn’t Work Be Fun?

Roasting coffee beans can be a hot job, especially during summer. As the roasting day rolls on, the heat crescendos. But there are ways to make roasting fun.

Music helps. The location of the Stringbean Coffee roaster makes it possible for music to be played—as loud as desired. Some days the music is classic rock. Other days, disco tunes are blasting.

Whether you like disco (or not), you’d probably agree that most disco music has a great energy level. Deep into a roasting day, an uptempo disco song’s throbbing rhythm can deliver a lift that’s almost as stimulating as, well, a cup of Stringbean Redeye Roast!


Soul Train Disco Ball


Speaking of disco, we have obtained the actual mirrored glass disco ball that was used on the TV show Soul Train. (Yes, seriously. Officially documented. Direct from the 1970’s.) The ball is now suspended above our roaster. You may ask: What does a disco ball have to do with roasting coffee? Answer: It adds fun to the job of roasting.

It is sometimes overwhelming to glance up at the Stringbean Coffee Soul Train Disco Ball and think about all the people who have performed or danced beneath it. James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Wilson Pickett, the Temptations, to name just a few. Yes, it’s a piece of American pop culture history, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing to look at. It brings happiness.

Roast Baby Roast!

Meanwhile, back at the roaster: Our disco ball has inspired the creation of a brand new Stringbean roast, coming soon, called Disco Inferno. This will be our boldest roast to date.

We’ll be sampling it in coming weeks on Saturdays at the Clayton Farmers’ Market and at the Wash U Medical School Farmers’ Market on Thursdays. Taste Stringbean Disco Inferno. Let us know what you think. And rest assured when you drink it that, yes, we had fun roasting it!

Want Disco Inferno Espresso Blend? Tell your favorite place to buy coffee they should have Stringbean Coffee!