You buy quality coffee and have a decent coffee maker, what about that time in between?

Coffee roasts in minutes and lasts for weeks. Coffee in a sealed bag can last a couple of months but should be used within weeks of opening the bag. Storing your coffee properly will only make your good coffee taste better for longer. If you aren’t going to use your coffee right away it’s OK to put the unopened bag in the freezer, but don’t keep your stash that you use everyday in the freezer or the refrigerator as temperature drops and condensation will dry out the coffee and oils (the stuff that gives coffee it’s aroma and taste). Coffee is bagged after roasting and the beans need two-three days to de-gas, that’s what the one-way valve is for on the bag, it let’s gas out and keeps air from getting to your prized black pearls… the coffee beans.

Ideally, you are using the coffee within two-three weeks after roasting.

Don’t overbuy coffee. If you are like most coffee drinkers and have three to five 8 ounce cups of coffee a day and you are the only coffee drinker at home then a 12 ounce bag will last about two weeks. If that’s you, then don’t buy the value 2 pound+ mega can! Stale coffee, well is stale.

An airtight container would be the best way to store coffee beans

I recommend not putting them in direct sunlight so, either a solid canister or clear (so you can see your coffee and know when running low) and putting it in the pantry or cabinet. The canisters on hold a pound and there are clear, tinted or solid, all provide an excellent choice in prolonging the life and flavor of your coffee.


The perfect vessel for your coffee

Oh, and don’t grind in advance or buy ground coffee. Invest in a little grinder that won’t heat the beans and grind your coffee before each use.