Coffee is 98% water

That being said, use good water, preferably cold filtered water. Some coffee makers include a charcoal water filter to help remove chlorine, bad tastes and odors from tap water… I like that option.

A simple and effective filtering system is a BRITA® filter and a coffee maker with charcoal filter.

Coffee… the mass is water, the flavor is the coffee

Quality beans that are freshly roasted is the biggest key here. Whole beans are better and should be kept in a sealed container and ground just before using. Yes, it’s an added step every morning to grind your coffee beans but worth it. Ground coffee will go stale faster and the oils (the good stuff that gives coffee it’s aroma and taste) dry up. Also, don’t keep coffee in the refrigerator, the changes in temperature and condensation will dry out the beans/oils.

Buy what you know you’ll use in short time (two to three weeks from opening package).

The Grind is a critical part of flavoring the cup

If it’s too fine you’ll get bitterness that may clog your filter or leave powder in the bottom of your mug. If it’s ground to course, the water passes over the coffee too quickly and the coffee will be weak tasting.

I suggest a medium-fine grind, somewhere between auto drip and fine.



… a cup on most home coffee makers equals 8 ounces of water. Typically the low is one tablespoon per cup and for the really strong coffee drinkers 2 tablespoons.

I’m happy with one heaping tablespoon per 8 ounce cup.

The coffee maker you use will affect the quality of the cup of coffee you get.



I really like the Gold Tone Filters and showerhead spouts found on many Cuisinart® home coffee makers.

The Gold Tone Filters are reusable. Unlike a single spout that puts the water in the middle the showerhead distributes water evenly over coffee.

I also prefer a thermal carafe over glass pot because I don’t want to use the electricity to keep a plate hot or have my coffee continue to cook. According to the Specialty Coffee Association, the optimal water temperature for coffee brewing is 197.6 – 204.8F.