Stringbean Pete’s ramblin’ cousin Django Furtherbean is back at the Java Jive to liven up your 2015 resolutions! Please note, Django is not a medical professional and his diet and exercise tips should be taken with a grain of salt…or maybe sugar. Got your own caffeine fueled resolutions to share? Tell us about ’em on our Facebook page!

Thing about the holidays is all that sparkly snow and merriment makes a body just say yes yes yes! to every temptation that crosses your path. The Furtherbeans had a right tuck-in this holiday season, and between the roasts and toasts and sweets and treats, ol’ Django is ready to get back into shape with my patented, two-step fitness plan guaranteed to bust your gut and widen your smile.

Step 1: Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Yeah, that’s right. Coffee with every meal of the day. Coffee with your breakfast, coffee with your lunch, coffee with your dinner, heck! I drink coffee all day long and leave the water for those heavy breathers in the gym. A body full of powerful brew is a body with energy to burn. Which brings me to…

…Step 2: Be a Dancing Queen–Or King!

Look here now: sitting around on my hinder and moping about how my pants stopped fitting right around turkey day never did do much for me. Get up and get groovin’! With some pep in your step from your Django recommended 8 cups of coffee, you’ll have plenty of moves to go around. Wiggle a bit when you wash the morning dishes. Glide and slide around your office. Crank an album of your baddest get down grooves and watch the news on mute, baby! Forget dancing like no one’s watching–dance like you’re doing the two step on the surface of the sun! Before you know it, you’ll be burning right through those holiday pounds and keeping a right positive outlook on life that’ll last you through some of the darkest winter days, guaranteed!

So … Groove and guzzle away the winter blues (and your gut, too!)