At Stringbean Coffee, you already know how we love to groove on the good feeling we get when we roast up a fresh bag of Fair Trade Certified Coffee™! Today in the Java Jive though, we’d like to drop a little more knowledge on our fans and friends to remind you that choosing Fair Trade isn’t just about feeling good, it’s actually a choice that makes a major impact for farmers the world over.

Did You Know…

…that coffee is the biggest food import in the United States?

…that coffee is our 2nd most valuable import, rivaled only by oil?

…that the average coffee farmer only earns between $500-$1000 in profits annually from their coffee?

…that the average American spends approximately $1,100 on coffee drinks annually?

fair tradeThe Fair Trade Difference

Choosing to buy Fair Trade Certified Coffee™ can go a long way towards preventing exploitation and righting some of the economic inequity that’s long been associated with coffee production. All Fair Trade products are bought and sold according to a clear set of ethical standards that involve paying farmers fairly and investing in communities that produce Fair Trade products.

As a result, farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for coffee, which is currently at around $1.40 a pound. This is up to more than triple what farmers earn for non Fair Trade coffee: a mere $0.30 to $0.50 per pound. Sure, Fair Trade coffee may cost a little more than your standard supermarket joe, but not only do our delicious Fair Trade roasts deliver supreme richness and flavor, they also go directly towards increasing the income of real people from across the world.

In other words: the more Fair Trade coffee we drink, the more we can collectively tip the global market in favor of better standards for the people who make our products. Way cool!