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Stringbean Coffee beans organic fair trade swiss water st louis

Why Stringbean Coffee?

Because we are about small batch, musically infused, fair trade and organically grown coffee…oh, and we are disco friendly too. 😉 We roast coffee to music and under the original Soul Train Disco Ball. Stringbean Coffee has a rock n’ roll vibe and a whole lot of soul.

Hi, my name is Peter, I started roasting coffee at home as a hobby in March 2011 because I wanted better coffee than the over roasted and mass produced options out there. It didn’t take long before family, friends and even a few strangers were asking for my beans, and that is when I knew I was onto something great, and a few months later, Stringbean Coffee Company (as in guitar strings and coffee beans), was born.

Stringbean Quality

I am committed to offering premium coffee beans from around the world. I passionately roast in small batches in non-computerized, old school ways. My company strives to lessen our footprint on the environment and we are committed to supporting the small coffee communities that painstakingly and lovingly pick and process the coffee that will then be freshly roasted and eventually be used for your morning cuppa’ joe

In addition to coffee that is certified Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance, (which benefits an orphaned Indonesian Orangutang), our Decaf is SWISS WATER® Process chemical free decaffeinated coffee. We support the mission of Cafe Femenino with our Peru roast as well.

Look through the site, follow us on social media, order a bag for yourself and a friend (because coffee is always better with a friend and let us know what you think! We are confident you will be a fan!

Whether it’s as espresso, pour-over, a French Press or as a latte, I hope you enjoy Stringbean Coffee as much as I enjoy roasting it!

stringbean organic coffee beans fair trade swiss water

Peace, Love and Coffee,

-“Stringbean” Pete