About Stringbean Pete

Peter CohenPete started roasting coffee at home for his own consumption in March 2011, four months later Stringbean Coffee Company was started in the Summer 2011 and featured live roasts at local farmer’s markets and the demand continued to grow. Stringbean was originally Guitar Strings & Coffee Beans. The original plan was to incorporate the love of music with the love of coffee, selling vintage guitars and coffee.


From the beginning the purpose was clear… produce a great coffee, be socially minded and have fun doing it, very much like that of Ben & Jerry.

We are part of the St. Louis emerging coffee scene and St. Louis as a whole. It’s not just about the coffee. It’s about the community and culture too. We are proud to be independently owned and operated in this big, corporate world where things happen without the personal touch. We are real people. We are kooky, approachable and love coffee. We proudly sponsor the music calendar on KDHX. And yes, we roast coffee to music!



Peter Cohen

(AKA Stringbean Pete)
In the early stages of starting Stringbean Coffee I was a commercial banker. The rat race was far from fun and my career opportunities were near the ceiling. After 14 years, 6 months and 14 days I GOT OUT! And didn’t even get cake.

I am from St. Louis, am a musician and the coffee roaster at Stringbean. This coffee journey started when I became frustrated with the bitter coffee that I easily found on many street corners. I bought a little roaster, several books and a lot of different green coffee beans. I wanted a bold coffee that was smooth and could be easily enjoyed. Folks liked it and wanted more. My Redeye Roast was the first, its an espresso blend that is a satisfying, bold cup’a joe that ends on a smooth note.

I am now doing something I love … coffee! While my little company continues to grow, it is my intent to offer the finest beans from around the world and passionately roast in small batches in non-computerized, old school ways, to music, under a disco ball, while being an advocate for the environment and building community. I recycle, am eco friendly, and use beans that are Fair Trade Certified™ when available. I hope you enjoy Stringbean Coffee as much as I enjoy roasting it, and remember freshly roasted coffee is better!