When you drink four or five cups of Stringbean’s Sumatra, or Ethiopian True Blue, or that Special Reserve you stashed in the freezer, you might start tapping your foot.  And when you start tapping your foot, you draw attention to yourself.  When you draw attention to yourself, you feel nervous; and when you feel nervous, you act a little funny.   When you act a little funny—people start calling you “Barney Fife.”

Don’t get called “Barney Fife.”  Discover the edge-smoothing pleasures of Stringbean’s artisan, SWISS Water Decaf!

B. Fife

It’s easy to understand why you’d want to drink multiple mugs of Stringbean’s handcrafted, locally-roasted, music infused coffee.  Stringbean combines a Hallelujah Chorus of taste with a How Sweet It Is aroma for a sensationally alluring cup.  It’s habit-forming.

Still, too much caffeine can lead to the bug-eyed, jittery Fife effect or a long night of infomercials.  Switching to decaf usually means sacrificing a good deal of “yum” which makes the effort pointless.

Why do most decaf coffees taste so inferior to their caffeinated cousins?  Chemicals are often used in the decaffeination process.  These chemicals inevitably modify the beans’ intrinsic flavor profile and apply their own less palatable notes.  Most java enthusiasts would prefer to forgo joe altogether rather than drink these chemically castrated half-coffees.  “Death before decaf,” they scornfully sneer.

Stringbean Pete has said, “Sha-na-na” to the cynics and brought forth a gourmet decaf that knocks socks and drops jaws.  The secret is the water—the SWISS Water process.  This ecologically-friendly decaffeination process uses water rather than chemicals to extract the beans’ buzz without altering its inherent flavor.  The SWISS Water technique also promises a 99.9% caffeine-free bean, while other processes leave varying amounts behind.  The result is a cleaner, truer, and in all ways more satisfying, decaffeinated cup.

Stringbean Pete uses the same innovative, artisan roasting techniques with every batch he creates, insuring consistently slamming quality regardless of caffeine content.  Stringbean’s Decaf Redeye (a decaf version of the popular Redeye Roast) packs so much crowd-pleasing coffee character it can even be enjoyed in a concentrated espresso shot.

So, stop buggin’-out!  Give Stringbean’s Decaf Redeye a long, contemplative pull and keep percolating without any Jump, Jive or Wail!

Note—the only way to be sure you are drinking SWISS Water decaf is to find the proprietary logo, displayed proudly on every bag of freshly roasted Stringbean Decaf Redeye.