At Stringbean Coffee, we love to preach the good news about Fair Trade Certified™ coffee beans and the music-fueled good vibes that go into every bag we roast. Part of our mission is to spread the word about the people and causes we love, and so today we’d like to give it up for one of our biggest inspirations, the groovy godfathers themselves: Ben & Jerry!

ben and jerry“Ben & Jerry’s” has become synonymous with feel good, tasty treats, and for good reason. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are two pioneers in taking the road less taken and following your path while treating people well in the process. Their story gave Stringbean Pete the inspiration he needed to leave corporate culture and commit to a good life of roasting coffee and creating community. Pete was able to spend some time going over ideas with Jerry in the early days of Stringbean and says “you can’t fake cool and Ben & Jerry are very cool”. From the beginning, Ben & Jerry have pledged a percentage of their annual profits to good causes, and they’ve been crusaders for bringing fairly traded, ethically sourced ingredients to the forefront of American consciousness … and that’s cool! These days, it seems everyone is looking for high-quality, natural products, but Ben & Jerry’s was active in their opposition to dairy products from cows treated with growth hormones way back in 1989!

This kind of forward-thinking, values driven mindset is exactly what Stringbean Pete and the whole Stringbean crew try to model in our work, and we praise Ben & Jerry’s for offering such a solid model of how to start and run a business built on delicious products and shared values. At Stringbean Coffee, we work hard to use ethically sourced, Fair Trade Certified™ coffee beans wherever possible, and we also strive to remember to have fun at what we do–hence the disco ball and great tunes that play as we roast every beloved bean we send to our loyal customers!

Looking for a good read to go along with your cup of java? We recommend Ben & Jerry’s Double-Dip or the Ben & Jerry Documentary on Netflix goes very well with a scoop of Cherry Garcia.

Got a favorite Ben & Jerry’s story to share with us? Send us a message and heap on the praise! Thanks for supporting Stringbean and helping us grow another cool, community-minded company like our heroes, Ben & Jerry.