One of the world’s most sought-after coffees roasted by St. Louis’ premier artisan roaster is set to hit retail shelves this month.

Stringbean Coffee Company’s wildly successful Malawi Peaberry Special Reserve has returned and will now be featured as a regular member of Stringbean’s everyday roster.  Starting April 1, Stringbean’s Malawi Peaberry will be available online and in stores, year-round!

This charming, slow, dark-roasted, African coffee offers a sweet, delicate flavor profile with hints of apricot and fig.  It possesses bright, crisp acidity, full, mellow body and a soft, sophisticated finish.  Displaying the floral, fruity style typical of prized East African coffees, Stringbean’s Malawi Peaberry makes a delightfully unique and refreshing cup.

Malawi Coffee 2

The secret of this coffee’s remarkable taste (aside from Stringbean’s music-infused roast) is the unusual peaberry itself.

The “peaberry” bean is a rare but naturally occurring (about 5% of the time) abnormality.  A coffee cherry normally has two sibling seeds (or beans) inside that develop with flattened, facing sides, but the peaberry is an only-child.  It develops without another seed to flatten against, which explains its unusual pea-shape.

One of Mother Nature’s happy accidents, the peaberry, like Stringbean Pete himself, is not your average bean.  Connoisseurs debate the perceived superiority of peaberry coffee, but most agree there is something unique about it.

Kenneth Davids of the Coffee Review has said he’s, “not sure peaberry tastes better than normal beans from the same crop, but it does taste different,” adding, “peaberry is more buoyant and more brightly acidy, more complex in the upper aromatic ranges of the profile but somewhat lighter in body than comparable, normally shaped beans.”

Peaberry beans are sorted-out by hand after they’re picked and usually sold separately, largely because of high consumer demand, but also because peaberries roast differently than normal beans.

Peaberries supposedly roast better than ordinary beans because their round shape minimizes sharp edges and allows the berries to roll around the roasting chamber more easily.  This increased motion prevents burning edges or sides, and encourages a more even roast.

That sounds pretty fancy, but the bottom line is—peaberry coffee beans are a rare breed, coveted by enthusiasts for their remarkably distinctive style.

Stringbean Pete is a one-of-a-kind stylist himself and he has an appreciation for true originals like the peaberry coffee bean.


If ordinary isn’t enough, explore the extraordinary.  Take a Walk on the Wild Side and discover the uncommon, off-the-hook pleasures of Stringbean’s Malawi Peaberry.  It will curl your lips into a java slurping smile and get your African groove on!