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Espresso Granita

Disco Inferno Espresso Granita   Espresso Granita, a coffee-lover’s dream!  This simple, yet decadent recipe arouses the palate with the distinctive taste of Stringbean Coffee Disco Inferno, while refreshing the senses with a cool summer treat. Loaded with...

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How Do YOU Brew?

Welcome to a special interactive edition of the Java Jive! Today, we'll talk about a few grinding and brewing tools out there, but we'd really love to hear your take on how you make each cup of Stringbean Coffee! Visit our Facebook page and comment to let us know how...

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The Agriculture of Good Coffee

Opening a new bag of freshly roasted beans is one of the best ways to get your day going, don't you agree? It's wild to think about the journey each of those little beans has taken from coffee tree to your breakfast table. Like good wine and fine cheese, coffee is a...

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3rd Wave Coffee & Bananas

Not hip enough for 3rd wave   Hey cats and kittens, it's your old guitar pickin' pal Django. What in the heck is 3rd wave coffee? After visiting several spots off the highway and lots of shakes later I've realized it’s a lightly roasted coffee to ultra lightly...

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Stringbean Unveils New, Vintage Coffee Roaster

Choo-Choooooo! Looking like a steam locomotive rolling down the track, Stringbean Coffee Company is keeping its Soul Train churning with a new, vintage roaster. Peter Cohen, owner/operator of Stringbean Coffee, one of 21 coffee roasters in the St. Louis-area, has...

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Latest Addition: Malawi Peaberry, Not Your Average Bean

One of the world’s most sought-after coffees roasted by St. Louis’ premier artisan roaster is set to hit retail shelves this month. Stringbean Coffee Company’s wildly successful Malawi Peaberry Special Reserve has returned and will now be featured as a regular member...

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