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The Disco Ball

That iconic disco ball from the 70’s groovy dance show, Soul Train spins over every roast at Stringbean Coffee Co.

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Flip the Flop

Flip the Flop Through my worldly coffee travels, I come across so many amazing people and stories. This past year I was introduced to Ocean Sole in Kenya. This organization is working to clean up a lot of the trash that infiltrates the oceans and rivers due to...

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Special Reserve: El Salvador Honey Micro Lot

Stringbean Coffees newest Special Reserve takes your coffee mug to the Finca El Guamo farm in El Salvador. This little peaberry'ish bean is honey processed meaning part of the fruit is left on the bean and dried for 10-14 days. The 70 Hectare farm is owned by 4th...

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Groove & Guzzle Away the Winter Blues (And Your Gut, Too!)

Stringbean Pete’s ramblin’ cousin Django Furtherbean is back at the Java Jive to liven up your 2015 resolutions! Please note, Django is not a medical professional and his diet and exercise tips should be taken with a grain of salt...or maybe sugar. Got your own...

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Coffee Cool: The Chemex Pour Over

The Chemex Pour Over Coffeemaker is a brewing device that brings to mind all manner of cultural references, from the mad scientist with his bubbling beaker to the captain of cool himself, James Bond. So, what makes a Chemex so cool? Invented By A Chemist The Chemex...

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Cultivating Community: Creating Your Own Home Coffee Salon

Here at Stringbean, we love coffee for so very many reasons: the delicious aroma, the rich taste, and the way it brings people together for conversation and community. Creating a home coffee salon can be a great way to save money and strengthen your social...

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Top Coffee Tunes from Jivin’ Django Furtherbean!

Stringbean Pete's ramblin' cousin Django Furtherbean is back at the Java Jive to liven things up with some hot tunes to groove to while sippin on a freshly roasted brew. Got a fave coffee song that Django missed? Post the link to our Facebook page and we'll make sure...

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More Than a Feeling: Fair Trade by the Numbers

At Stringbean Coffee, you already know how we love to groove on the good feeling we get when we roast up a fresh bag of Fair Trade Certified Coffeeô! Today in the Java Jive though, we’d like to drop a little more knowledge on our fans and friends to remind you that choosing Fair Trade isn’t just about feeling good, it’s actually a choice that makes a major impact for farmers the world over.

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